Part #: MR16-6W-XIW-002S

LED Light Bulb, MR16 Style GX5.3 BiPin, 12Vac/dc
Only 5 Watts Replaces 20 Watt Halogen

Color Temp 3000K Spotlight or Floodlight Beams

  • Sale Item (Sale Terms & Conditions)
  • Direct Drop-In Replacement in MR16 Fixtures Using Low-Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Transformers
  • Designed for use with 12VDC or AC Low-Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz Transformers.
  • Major Power Savings
  • Constant Light Output
  • Solid-State, Fast Turn On, No Power Surge
  • Replaces MR16 halogen bulbs up to 20 watts (and up to 50W in certain applications)
  • White LED Operating Life: Up to 50,000+ hrs
  • Long Life: Lumen Maintenance of the White LEDs Is Greater than 70% at 50,000 Hours of Operation.
  • No Ultraviolet or Infrared Emission
  • High Shock / Vibration Resistant, Both Electrical and Mechanical
  • Easy Installation Using Existing MR16 Fixture
  • Stays cooler than other 3 Watt MR16 bulbs
  • UV Stabilized Plastic Lens
  • Magnesium alloy lamp shell much lighter and harder than aluminium
  • Magnesium alloy has higher heat dispersion, stays cooler than other 6W MR16 bulbs
  • 40+ Years LEDtronics Design & Manufacturing


Spec Sheets



  • Track lighting / Spot lighting
  • Display / Cabinet / Kiosk lighting
  • Architectural lighting
  • Art Gallery and Museum


 Base TypeGU5.3 2-Pin
 ColorWarm White  
 Color Temp2800K to 3250K
 Voltage (V)12Vac/dc
 Power (Watts)4.1 typ, 5.0 max
 Current (Amps)0.330 A, (0.460A@12Vdc)
 Operating Temp 60°C MAX
 Intensity (Candela)1170 cd
 Lumens255 lm
 Viewing Angle25°
Electrical-Optical Characteristics (Ta = 25°C)  


  • This lamp is intended for use in open luminaires (fixtures) ONLY.
  • Recommended for use with 50-60Hz AC magnetic transformers or regulated DC power supplies/drivers only. Not recommended for use with high-frequency electronic AC transformers, as this usage will either create non-functional lighting, or if functionality occurs initially then internal MR16 LED bulb damage may result in premature product failures. Use of high-frequency transformers will void the warranty.
  • Note: These models are for use with standard ON/OFF switches only, not with a dimmer. Use with any type of dimmer, relay or other current/voltage control circuit device will void warranty.

Prop. 65 Warning
WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit

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