Elevators & Escalators

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It's no secret that elevators and escalators in the vertical transportation industry today are all about sustainable efficiency. LEDtronics knows that market. In fact, we helped pioneer sustainable LED lighting. Granted, the elevator industry has come a long way.

LED lighting is standard in the majority of elevators and escalators today. Destination management systems have replaced call buttons and occupancy sensing technology is reducing cab energy usage.

We've been developing LED bulbs to replace incandescents in elevators/escalators for decades. We provide bulbs and luminaires for all of the “big five” as well as hundreds of smaller service contractors.

LED Products: Applications:
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Call buttons lights
  • Cab Lighting
  • Escalator rope lights
  • Hall lanterns
Elevator Applications Based LEDs Bulbs Chart
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